Mini Auto-Biography


My real name is Nathan Dawson, aka: natestapes, the truth Merchant.

I live for the people, and for my music, anything else is either a distraction or a lesson.

I first started rapping aged 15, (6 years ago) and I've never looked back since. Rap is my only outlet when it comes down to expressing my feelings, without it my thoughts would eat me from the inside. 

I write to give a voice to issues or to other beings who do not have a voice. Music is not just a career for me, it is a life purpose. Every time i put pen to paper, or i step out on stage, I am completely at one with myself and the space around me. I was born to make music.

My Background

My mother is British, and my father was born in Uganda, and I believe that the mix in cultures provided me with an open mind early on in life. They have always wanted what's best for me, and my dreams have always had their blessings no matter how big, no matter how crazy.

My parents struggled with me in my teenage years... I struggled with myself at the same time. our relationship was rocky but they never stopped loving me. nor I them for that matter. it's great to have your parents support down the path that you chose.

My brother and sister also inspire me, and push me to succeed. Their support has also been incredible, especially on social media which is so crucial in the modern music industry. My Sister, Rose appeared on my first mixtape 'Nate, & the Tale of the Mic' ( Insight, une Terre Fendue en Deux, The tale of the mic).

I lived in France for eleven years from the age of seven and I sometimes wonder how I would have turned out if we never moved from Luton, my birth place.

We moved around quite a bit when I was young, so the up side was that I got to see so many places, and the idea of change no longer bothers me. The downside is that I never fully settle wherever I live, even though I give the impression I have. this may be due to the fact that I adapt to different situations very fast. 

I don't consider France, or England as my home. all I know (and need to know) is that I am an inhabitant  of Earth. I left France at the age of 18 for university in London, thinking I was returning back to my home country, England... only to realise that I did not recognise it one bit.

As I've grown, I have started to talk less and think more before I speak, in return I have grown more observant of the world around me. I see things that escapes most people's gaze because most of time, people are looking straight through it. I try and grasp these moments and events, and rap has helped me depict them and bring them to life and to share with other people.

I don't rap for material gains, that is why my first mixtape is still free to download despite all the time and money that has gone into it. I want people to know that I am serious about what I do, and I ask you to please listen carefully to what I have to say. You may disagree, you may relate entirely... I hope to make you feel something either way.

Music, a life line.

I used to hate music. Everyone else loved it, and I didn't want to be like everyone else. I guess it was my rebellion against the world at the time. Now I wonder how I spent all that time disliking something that was a part of me all along. 

As a kid I would sing a lot, I got told by my music teacher that I had a gift and that I shouldn't let it go to waste. That should have been my first sign. I was just so fixated on becoming a footballer that everything else became a second thought. That was until I convinced myself I wouldn't make it. I was constantly beating myself up, telling myself I wasn't good enough, that I had wasted eleven years of my life believing in something that would never come true. I was lost, aged 15 and envisaged joining the Royal Marines.

It's as if music found me really, I didn't go searching for it, almost like a life line. It was a normal boring school day, and I was randomly rapping a song I had learnt from constantly listening to it. My mates told me I sounded pretty good, so I started rapping it to more people. My confidence was slowly growing again and I started writing. I wasn't very good at first, my lyrics were repetitive, and my flow was linear. I also rapped with an American accent, which stole away my authenticity, but, this was just another process of finding myself.

I often look back on my old work, to see where I started and to keep note of my progress. It reminds me that we all start somewhere, we just have to plant the seed, and take care of it while it flourishes.

I already gave up on one dream, that will NEVER happen again.